Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Did My Sanity Go?

Okay, today has definitely been a test. With six children age 9 and younger things can get messy quick. I must always stay on top of things. Even so, craziness happens. Children go running off down the street after the dog while you're right in the middle of diffusing a sibling battle, and baking bread, ect. Well, everyone survived, except my ego. I do not choose to have "all these children" because I am a: supermom, ultra patient, energetic, spiritual, or anything else to do with ME. I have these children because God has given them to me. He is working in me everyday through motherhood. He wants them here. I must strive for Him, and so I do. For Him, for the children, for my husband. I do it with a measure of joy (most of the time) because how can I do it any other way? I strive to do all things for His glory, and so I must do my best.


Emily Blake said...

There needs to be a like button. I like this post. :)

Jenni said...

Great post sis! I'm so thankful my niece and nephews have such a fabulous mom, and a great example of a godly wife :-) love you!