Monday, February 25, 2008

Bringin' Down the House

Oliver was by no means bored at his birthday. Actually, I think all the candy put the kids into a frenzy. Oliver was very good about letting people help him with his presents. I think he was just so preoccupied with opening them that he didn't realize how many people helped him. Ananda is one of lily's best friends. she's just a few months younger than Lily. After most of the people left I started to take the pinata down that I attached to our drop ceiling and I turned the drop ceiling into a fallen ceiling. There was 5 children and 3 adults in the room and somehow no one got hurt. I was quite scary! For some reason there was bricks up there and plaster had fallen from the ceiling and was laying on the grid. Andrea and I had been planning on taking the ceiling down and remodeling the room and were getting geared up for it but ready-or-not there it came.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bringin' Down the House

These are the pictures from Oliver's 6th birthday. He really had a blast! The theme was pirates. We worked on a pinata all week. Luckily, we made it strong enough so everyone got a hit before the house came down. All the kids got tons of candy! Chantel made the cake and the cupcakes. It had so much sugar in it that it made our teeth instantly black! We looked like pirates(or ozark natives).

Ellis waves bye-bye

Apple Results

Here are the results of our apple/skin experiment. After 1 week, not only the outside of the apple is bad, but the inside of the apple is spongy. Oliver and I ate the good apple up and he refused to take a bite of the other apple.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

musical prodigy

I think Ellis has some musical inclinations he does this every time he gets something that makes sound. He really tries to figure those kinds of things out.

Oliver's Experiment

This is an experiment that Oliver and I did to see the affects of breaking the skin barrier.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The ice got thicker and then the snow fell. Not near as bad as last year but it wasn't fun. On the left is what happens when the west meets the mid-west. pine trees don't belong here. This is the reason trees are short and most of them are hardwoods, in the mid-west. The center picture is our garlic. It does just fine in the ice, the ice will melt and water the garlic. It's nice to have something green in the winter, after-all the evergreens won't last. We planted about 150 garlic in november. that might keep us till next spring. The right is our street. one of the better streets in town. If the top of your car is covered in ice it is fun to drive through icy branches. Oliver had a lot of fun smashing the ice off the cars. 3 days after the ice storm a south wind blew and it got up to 50 by noon. one inch of ice came down in about 3 hours. It was crazy. It was falling right on our van but andrea couldn't get out to the van to move it. It was like spear sized hail. the van is fine and so is everybody else. our neighbors had a chimney fire a few days ago and they have to move out for a few weeks while thy fix it and clean.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Cup Of Tea?

OOhh boy, tea parties are fun! This is a little lady bug tea set that Lily got from Auntie Tammy and Prabu. Its so cute! We enjoy it whenever we have a little down time and some tasty sweets!

Our Valentine's Day Adventures

We really went crazy with the treats this valentine's day! Not only did the kids and I make Daddy a cake and cookies, Andrew also bought us chocolates! I think we all suffered sugar shock last night.

Dan Says Yes!

Well, Dan has decided that his "yes means yes." He started saying it the other day, and with only a few slip ups, has kept it up!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hanty's Birphday

Now, who wouldn't love to be sang to by this trio!

anybody need some ice?

Our annual ice storm has arrived! It is cold here! There's more to come. We really wish you all could be here to enjoy the wonderful weather with us. What a shame you had to miss out! Elizabeth really wanted to go out in her snow pants and eat some ice. Unfortunately, when the ground is a solid sheet of ice 2" thick it makes it tricky to stay on your feet. We are praying the power doesn't go out. There our random rumblings from tree branches falling. Flashes of lights tell us transformers are blowing. As long as we don't have to relocate for 2 weeks we'll be fine!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Beautiful Day At The Park

What a wonderful sunny day. How good it is to get the kids outside after all our illnesses and cold weather! We spent the afternoon running through the park, watching the geese, picking up small treasures ( nuts, shells, seeds, ect..), exploring caves. The wonderful thing about Springfield is the great parks. There's so many of them! There is always something new to experience. Ellis was having a blast on the swing. We got some good belly laughs out of him!