Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roaring River

We went on a fantstic camping trip last weekend at Roaring River State Park here in Mo. Tammy was here for the week, so Mom and her came too. The kids had a blast swimming, fishing, going to hatchery, hiking, exploring, ect. We had a glorious heat wave( temps were around 100). Fortunately, our dog Max is great at guarding our campsite, and chased all the racoons and the like away!p

Roaring River

Another Tooth Bites The Dust

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Oliver and Lily love vacation Bible school. I love to see them get excited about Jesus!

St. Louis Zoo

The Kids Had a blast

We were there for two days and still didn't see everything

There was even a train that went all the way around the zoo and stopped in different areas so you could walk around for a while and catch the next one as it came through

They even got to pet a cobra

This was the sea lion show at the st. louis zoo. The kids loved it!